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These are a great holiday or birthday gift idea. Around Thanksgiving through Christmas we sent out a bunch of these and it was a big hit with everyone! They were all very excited about the unique flavors.
We'll be doing this every year. A very inexpensive gift that everyone loved.

Thanks for the great idea!
Dave and Stephanie Gibbs.
Just wanted to thank you for all your great recipe idea's we've been using your spice blends on everything from meat to steamed veggies. This has opened up such an easy way to spice up all our food, and even our picky eaters in the house love what I put on the table. Your recipe for guacamole is amazing and was quite the hit at our last get together. Some of our favorites to use are Horseradish Bacon, Smokin Tomato Bacon, and Garden Curry, we use these in our pasta dishes and are really great.

Thanks again!   Looking forward to your next great creation.
Tracy,  Mount Shasta, Ca

Wanted to thank you for participating at our Fair.
The other vendors at this event complimented us about your helpful and cheerful attitude, going the distance with visitors to make sure they had a pleasant experience.
Your product is top notch and we hope to see you next year.

Bob, Inter-Mountain  
Dip Mixes & Spice Blends