New Flavors
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Dilly Cucumber                  $4.00
One of our best sellers!
Everyone's Silly for Dilly!! This blend of Dill and creamy fresh Cucumber flavor is excellent as a dry rub on fish "Especially Salmon". It also makes a fantastic tartar sauce, deviled eggs, potato salad, salad dressing and so much more.  
The Kids favorite!!!!

Garlic & Chive        $4.00
This combo of flavors go together so well they compliment any of your favorite dishes; especially potatoes. If you love the taste of garlic with a sharp onion bite then
you’ll flip for this blend.

Garlic & Herb           $4.00
This blend of garlic and herbs is awesome!! Simply dlplicious with lots of garlic flavor. Virtually goes with anything. Mix it in your mashed potatoes for that gourmet touch. Recommended on Pork, Chicken, Potato's, Garlic Bread Spread. etc... See recipes.  
A party favorite!!!  

Horseradish & Bacon      $4.00
A mild blend of Horseradish, Bacon, and a hint of Onion makes this a unique blend perfect for meat, chicken, veggies, chips, Etc...  "Everything taste better with bacon"

Lime Cilantro       $4.00
This refreshing Lime Cilantro dip will keep you begging for more. “You just can’t stop dippin once you start.” It’s adiptive! A great dip on a warm sunny day. " Very Refreshing" Spectacular on fish tacos or use it as a salad dressing, it will knock your socks off!
Great on chicken. 
One of our top sellers!!!
Sundried Tomato & Basil   $4.00
Sundried Tomato's and Sweet Basil are a perfect match. Subtle hints of pesto accent all of your favorite Italian recipes. Add that gourmet touch and use it to enhance your favorite soups and sauces. Especially Spaghetti sauce. 
Make's the best Bagel Spread Ever!

Garlic & Habanero  $4.00
If you like hot and spicy you’re going to love this one. This spice blend has the best habanero flavor you’ll ever taste. With the combination of Garlic, Hot chili peppers & Habanero's, this is the secret missing ingredient to spice up your Mexican and Italian dishes like you never thought possible!   Awesome in Chili.
One of our top sellers!

Jalapeno Spinach Ranch $4.00
This "Super Mild Blend" of Jalapeno Peppers mixed with Spinach, Cool Ranch, and other herbs is a party favorite. You’ll be the talk of the party with this one! Just the flavor of Jalapeno's without the heat.
Our #1 seller!! 
Even people who don’t like Jalapenos love this dip! Makes Killer Guacamole.

Chipotle Ranch Honey BBQ        NEW!!!   NEW!!!                 $4.00
We wish they could all be this good!!!
The medium heat of Chipotle peppers sweet Honey BBQ is so adiptive you won't put it down. A really bold flavor with endless possibilities. Use this as a dip or on chicken wings, sandwich's,BBQ sauce and more!
One of our top sellers!! 

Scorpion Pepper    $4.00
If you like hot and spicy here it is.
The hottest Pepper in the World!!!!!!!! "ScorpionTrinidad" Blended with four other extemely hot chile peppers for a big bold flavor. Guaranteed to please that spicy food lover in the house. Mix to your desired heat level by adding more or less to your liking. Great in Spaghetti sauce, Chili, and Mac & Cheese.             
Dip Mixes & Spice Blends
Shipping only $1.00 Limited Time!!!

New Flavors

Really excited

by Ted Hougan on 07/15/11

We are really excited about the two new flavors we introduced last week.
You all loved them!        Smokin! Tomato Bacon  &  Jalapeno Twist.
I got a feeling the Smokin Tomato Bacon is going to be our new best seller.

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Hello Diplicous Lovers.  Here we are at the end of another year.  You may have noticed that I have not been to the Farmers Market lately.  I tried to warn everyone during my season that we were retiring and trying to sell our business.  As of yet, no one has bought it.  We are officially retired.  Now, as you can see from the above dip list, that we have ran out of some flavors.  I did replenish Enjoy the Store on Placer St, downtown Redding, also Mt. Shasta Supermarket and the Dunsmuir Supermarket, so you can still get our dips there till they run out.  My husband Ted and I would like to thank all of you who enjoyed our product over the years.  It has been a very humbling experience for our whole entire family.  It has been a blast doing the Farmers Markets, Fairs and Festivals.  And it has been a joy becoming friends with our customers and fellow vendors over the past 7 years.  At the end of this year, our website will be taken down and we will be officially done with our business.  Now, if there is anyone out there who might still be interested in buying our business, please call me at 530-410-3798 and ask for Susan.  I will be more than happy to talk to you about the business.  After the first of the year, if you need some dip, I might have some left, so give me a call and I will tell you what is still available until we run out.  

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.

Ted and Susan Hougan